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Shell stories


Sept 30, 2013 Closure of the hospitalization unit and OR
Dec 27, 2013 Complete closure of Hospital Vozandes del Oriente after more than 55 years
Oct 2013 Group of ex employees started a weekly prayer group, later on a fasting day per month
Nov 2013 Decision to start a foundation in Ecuador
Jan 2nd 2014 Papers for the foundation presented to the Ministerio de Salud
July 2014 Foundation accepted: Fundación Misión Cristiana de Salud
Sept 2014 Began negotiations with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) to examine the possibilites for the use of the former hospital building
Oct 2014 Lightway Medical Foundation started to support US fundraising

Our 4K Fundraiser

4krunThe result is that the funding process is much slower. But the team is working hard. We were able to participate in the Pastaza province foundation festivities, then the days to celebrate the Shell community foundation, both in November.


News from Shell

newshelllogoAccompany Instead of Conquer is the title of a book written by missionaries in northern Argentina working with indigenous people who built their own church. The missionaries give advice, not orders.


Raising support locally

sellingfoodIn Shell we sold food and drinks during several events. So little by little funds are coming in. Over the next several weeks we plan a radio and TV marathon and we will go with that program all the towns and bigger villages around (Baños,Macas and Sucua).


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